Design Consultation & Home Building Services

  • Benavides Builders Inc offers all the services needed for any given project including land development, design solutions, to certificate of occupancy.
  • We work with all the professionals involved in the process to ensure plans are complete, accurate, and meet the client's needs.

We are Here to Help

  • Our experienced team is happy to help with the entire process.
  • We are dedicated to planning and developing projects catering to meet your personalized needs. Connect with us today for custom home-building services.

We Specialize in Signature Homes and ADU's


  • This phase includes Design, plans, engineering, and permit processing.
  • We work closely with the design team to stay within your budget and create your vision.
  • We stay on top of the permit process to accelerate plan approval.


  • Our experienced management team executes the construction process through accurate planning, scheduling, and budgeting.
  • We bring trusted specialized subcontractors and keep them accountable throughout the entire build.
  • A benefit we bring to each project is our ongoing relationship with building officials and inspectors.
  • We stay focused on the goal from sequence to production and quality control. 


  • This phase includes site cleanup, final inspections, and move-in coordination.
  • After completion, we have a final walkthrough to ensure your complete satisfaction.
  • Because of our relationship with you, our customer care services and warranties extend well beyond completion.